Code of Conduct for players

• Regard it as an honour and privilege to represent a school team
• Treat a match as a game that is fun but play by the rules
• Take pride in your performance and that of your school
• Encourage others in your team to do their best
• Enjoy participating – it should be fun
• Accept all decision by match officials
• Let the captain speak to the referee on behalf of the team if decisions made by the match officials need to be clarified
• Recognise outstanding performances by opponents
• Demonstrate concern for an injured player, regardless of their team
• Accept victory modestly
• Learn to take defeat in the right manner and not to look for excuses as to why you may not have been successful on a particular occasion
• Shake hands with your opponents at the end of each game, regardless of the outcome
• Thank the referee and his/her assistants for their efforts

Code of conduct for Team Managers

• Put the well-being and safety of players above all other considerations
• Display sportsmanship in all situations – sportsmanship should be contagious
• Display high standards of behaviour and appearance
• Be a good role model for all those in your care
• Enjoy yourself and in so doing promote enjoyment for others
• Be responsible for your actions
• Encourage your supporters to display a sportsmanlike attitude
• Guide and encourage players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance
• Respect and uphold the Laws of the Game and discourage actions and behaviour contrary to the spirit of the Laws of the Game
• Use acceptable and appropriate language at all times and in all situations

Code of Conduct for Parents, Peers and Supporters

• Attendance at a game is a privilege
• Respect decisions made by the match officials
• Be a good role model by positively supporting teams in every way possible and being generous with praise
• Become aware of the competition rules and keep winning in its proper place
• Respect other spectators, coaches and participants
• Be a fan not a fanatic
• Recognise and respect the performances of players in both teams, not just the team you are supporting
• Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously, remembering that the team you are supporting will be judged by your reactions
• Do not ‘boo’ anybody
• Stand or sit in place you have been allocated for the match
• Do not interfere with instructions given by the teacher/coach in charge of the team
• Remember that nearly all those who control school soccer matches are volunteers, giving their time freely and without any financial reward in most cases - respect them for this

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