1. The following eleven-a-side knock-out competitions shall be offered to affiliated schools or colleges:


a. PALMER CUP for the first elevens of school with boys of under 19 & over 16

b. LEWIS TROPHY for boys under 16 & over 15

c. BLISS TROPHY for boys under 15 & over 14

d. BARTON CUP for boys under 14 & over 13

e. DANES TROPHY for boys under 13 & over 12 (mixed teams permitted)

f. POOLEY TROPHY for boys under 12 & over 11 (mixed teams permitted)


a. PETER HILL CUP for girls under 15 & over 13

b. BARNES & NEWTON CUP for girls under 13 & over 11 (mixed teams permitted)

The following small-sided (7-A-SIDE) competitions shall be offered to affiliated schools:

a. DAVIES CUP for boys under 11 & over 9 (mixed teams permitted) (qualifying competition for ESFA Competition) (mixed teams permitted

b. PRESIDENT’S CUP for girls under 11 &over 9 (qualifying competition for ESFA Competition) (mixed teams permitted)

c. GIRLS’ FESTIVAL for three age groups, under 9, under 11, under 13. (mixed teams permitted)

2. The following 11-A-SIDE competitions shall be offered to affiliated associations, the format of which will be decided by the Executive Committee on an annual basis.

a. BEAUFOY TROPHY for boys under 16 & over 14

b. ARSENAL TROPHY for boys under 15 & over 13

c. RANGERS TROPHY for boys under 14 & over 12

d. HENRY THORNTON TROPHY for boys under 13 & over 11 (mixed teams permitted)

e. ALEC BROOK TROPHY for boys under 12 & over 11 (mixed teams permitted)

f. KAY TROPHY  for pupils under 11 over 10 (mixed teams permitted)

g. TOWER HAMLETS CUP 7-a-side Competition for players under 11 & over 9 (qualifying competition for ESFA Competition) (mixed teams permitted)

3. The age limit for each competition is to be reckoned as midnight between 31st August and 1st September in the current year.

4. Only those pupils who are bona fide scholars on the roll of a school or college shall be allowed to take part in any competition.  Players shall normally become ineligible to take part immediately on beginning full-time work or upon leaving school or college.  A pupil who is in attendance at school or college at the close of the Easter Term shall, nevertheless, be eligible to play in competition matches up to the end of the season.  No pupil shall be allowed to play for more than one association during any one season, except with the consent of the Executive Committee.

5. It is the responsibility of both schools or associations to:

- Ensure that matches are played on or before the limit date.  Not less than seven days notice of the original match shall be given to opponents and to the Competition Secretary.

- Ensure that results are reported via the HOTLINE within one working day of the match.

The HOME school or association should:

- Appoint a properly qualified referee, neutral if possible, except for finals when the official shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

- Provide a suitable ball.

6a. In individual schools and inter-district matches played on a knock-out basis up to and including the semi-final, in the event of a draw at the end of full-time in matches played on or before the limit date, extra-time will be played.

In replays and matches played after the limit date, in matches drawn after extra-time, a penalty competition will be held.  This will be conducted in accordance with current FIFA Regulations.

In individual schools and inter-association played on a league basis, no school or association may concede any game.  Any team unable to fulfil its fixtures shall have its playing record expunged.

Duration of matches and size of ball:


Age Group

Normal Time
(Each Way)

Extra time
(k.o. matches e-w)

Size of


Under 11 (Kay)





Under 12





Under 13





Under 14





Under 15





Under 16





Under 19





Under 13





Under 15




6b. The minimum size of the pitch shall be 80 yards x 50 yards.  The goalposts shall be eight yards apart with a cross-bar eight feet from the ground in all competitions except the Kay Trophy when the goalposts shall be a minimum of seven yards apart and the cross-bar a minimum of seven feet from the ground.

Matches shall be played on a grass surface or certified third generation artificial pitch, by mutual agreement of the teams concerned.  In case of dispute, the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.  Away teams must be informed of local regulations concerning permitted footwear

6c. In the event of a tie for top place in a league competition, goal difference will be used to decide the final position.  If goal differences are equal, goals ‘for’ will be taken.  If goals ‘for’ are equal goal difference will be used.

6d. If a team has to concede a match, the circumstances shall be investigated by the Executive Committee whose decision on the outcome shall be final.

6e. Any Association team not under the control of
i. a teacher 
ii. another member of the education service
iii. a retired teacher or retired    member of the education service or
iv. a person registered with the English Schools’ FA as an AOTT (Adult Other than Teacher) shall be disqualified from the relevant competition.

7. The Rules cater for Saturday morning matches but games may be played during the week by mutual consent.

8. Associations and schools will be expected to play in their nominated colours unless mutually agreed before a match.  In the event of a similarity of colours, it is the responsibility of the visiting team to provide alternative colours.  Black shirts are not permitted.

9. In the event of an appointed referee’s failure to appear, the association or schools concerned must agree, in writing, upon a substitute before the match begins.  Any official so appointed shall have the powers of a duly-appointed referee.

10. In all matches, teams are permitted to use five named substitutes.  In 11-a-side football at Under 16 level and below, a player who has been substituted him/herself becomes as substitute and may replace another player at any time subject to the substitution being carried out in accordance with Law 3 of the Laws of Association Football.

At all finals the staging team shall be entitled to retain the proceeds of any gate taken after normal match expenses have been paid.  A financial statement shall be sent to the Hon. Treasurer within twenty-one days of the final.

Arrangements for finals shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.  Where both teams agree on a venue which is approved by the Executive Committee, the Competition manager shall be given at least seven days notice in order to appoint match officials and to arrange the presentation of trophies and medals.

In the event of a competition final ending in a draw, extra time having been played, the trophy shall be shared.

11. Not more than sixteen medals shall be awarded to each team playing in the final.  Holders of trophies will be required to sign an appropriate document to signify receipt and shall return them to the appropriate competition organiser or a member of the Executive Committee by the last day in February.

12. All protests shall be received by the Hon. Secretary within three working days of the match concerned  No protest relative to the ground,  goalposts or other appurtenances of the game shall be considered unless a protest in writing was made to the referee before the start of the match.

13. Any protest shall be signed by the Headteacher / Principal or the relevant Association Secretary as acknowledgement of their approval of its submission.

The Emergency Committee shall have five working days in which to gather any evidence they wish to have before making their decision.

A copy of the decision must be relayed in writing.

Any appeal against the Emergency Committee’s decision must be made within two working days of the receipt of the ruling that the Committee has made.

The appeal must be in writing and signed by the Headteacher / Principal or Association Secretary and must be accompanied by a School / College / Association cheque for £25. This will be returned if the appeal is upheld. The appeal will be heard by a panel of three Executive Committee members or members of an equivalent County Schools FA but must not include any members of the original panel. Their decision will be final and binding on all parties.

NOTE: Wherever ‘writing’ is referred to, this is deemed to include fax or e-mail communication and must include the name of the Headteacher / Principal or Association Secretary.

14. All questions of eligibility of players or teams shall be referred to the  Executive Committee. Should the Executive Committee have any doubt about the qualification of any player or team, the relevant school / college / association may be called upon to prove qualification according to the Rules of the Competition. Failing satisfactory proof, the offending school / college / association shall be disqualified from the competition.

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